The Old Roman Catholic Church Parish of St. Andrews in Toronto and Newmarket Area
The Old Roman Catholic Church Parish of St. Andrews in Toronto and Newmarket Area

Apostolic Succession of the Catholic Church

Beginning with the Holy Apostles and continuing throughout the ages by the Laying on of Hands...
1544​ ​Giovanni​ ​Ricci,​ ​Archbishop​ ​of​ ​Manfredonia
Scipione​ ​Cardinal​ ​Rebiba,​ ​Bishop​ ​of​ ​Sabina,
Titular​ ​Patriarch​ ​of​ ​Constantinople
who​ ​on​ ​March​ ​12,​ ​1566​ ​consecrated
1566​ ​Giulio​ ​Antonio​ ​Santorio,​ ​Archbishop​ ​of​ ​Santa​ ​Severina
1586​ ​Girolamo​ ​Bernerio,​ ​O.P.,​ ​Bishop​ ​of​ ​Ascoli​ ​Piceno
1604​ ​Galeazzo​ ​Sanvitale,​ ​Archbishop​ ​of​ ​Bari
1621​ ​Ludovico​ ​Ludovisi,​ ​Archbishop​ ​of​ ​Bologna
1622​ ​Luigi​ ​Caetani,​ ​Titular​ ​Patriarch​ ​of​ ​Antioch
1630​ ​Giovanni​ ​Battista​ ​Scannaroli,​ ​Titular​ ​Bishop​ ​of​ ​Sidon
1655​ ​Antonio​ ​Cardinal​ ​Berberini​ ​(Reims)
1668​ ​Charles​ ​Maurice​ ​Le​ ​Tellier​ ​(Reims)
1670​ ​Jacques-Benigne​ ​Bossuet​ ​(Meaux)
1693​ ​Jacques​ ​Goyon​ ​de​ ​Matignon​ ​(Condom)
1719​ ​Dominique​ ​Marie​ ​Varlet​ ​(Ascalon)
1739​ ​Petrus​ ​Johannes​ ​Meindaerts​ ​(Utrecht)
1745​ ​Johannes​ ​van​ ​Stiphout​ ​(Haarlem)
1763​ ​Gaulterus​ ​M.​ ​van​ ​Niewenhuizen​ ​(Utrecht)
1778​ ​Johannes​ ​Adrian​ ​J.​ ​Broekman​ ​(Haarlem)
1797​ ​Johannes​ ​Jacobus​ ​van​ ​Rhijn​ ​(Utrecht)
1805​ ​Gilbertus​ ​Cornelius​ ​de​ ​Jong​ ​(Deventer)
1814​ ​Willibrordus​ ​van​ ​Os​ ​(Utrecht)
1819​ ​Johannes​ ​Bon​ ​(Haarlem)
1825​ ​Johannes​ ​van​ ​Santen​ ​(Utrecht)
1853​ ​Hermanus​ ​Heykamp​ ​(Deventer)
1873​ ​Gaspard​ ​Johannes​ ​Rinkel​ ​(Haarlem)
1892​ ​Gerardus​ ​Gul​ ​(Utrecht)
1908​ ​Arnold​ ​Harris​ ​Mathew​ ​(London)
1914​ ​Frederick​ ​Samuel​ ​Willoughby​ ​(London)
1922​ ​James​ ​Bartholomew​ ​Banks​ ​(London)
Apostolic Succession of Bishop Gerald D. Mino - Gardiner
1924​ ​Matthew​ ​Cooper​ ​of​ ​(Greenwich)
1954​ ​Ignatius​ ​Charles​ ​Brearley
1968​ ​André​ ​Léon​ ​Zotique​ ​Barbeau​ ​(Quebec)
1968​ ​André​ ​LeTellier
*​ ​Supporting letter of Cardinal Gagnon Translation
"​To Whom It May Concern:
After having studied the documentation of Mgr. André LeTellier and his predecessorsin episcopal succession, I am convinced that he has been validly consecrated a bishop.  It is not my intention to rule on thereports of the organization, incorporated under the name of Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada with the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Canada and of Québec.
But nothing allows me to doubt the validity of episcopal ordination of Mgr André Letellier by Archbishop André Barbeau and that of Archbishop Barbeau by Archbishop Ignatius Charles Brearley, Primate of the Church of the "Old Catholics" having its seat in England.
The ordinations of the"Old Catholics" are generally considered to be the same as those of Orthodox bishops. I have known Archbishop Barbeau for more than 60 years since our time at the Grand Seminary of Montreal. I have had little contact with him thereafter, having exercised my ministry far from there. But he has always been known to me as a man of prayer, a mystic. And I think that his disciples are also, above all, men of prayer.
+ Edouard Cardinal Gagnon, p.s.s. Montreal, 6 May 2002."
1970​ ​Gaston​ ​Chartray
1992​ ​Mario​ ​Emilie​ ​Champagne
1997​ ​Gerald​ ​Dante​ ​Mino​ ​-​ ​Gardiner
was consecrated by Mario Emile Champagne assisted by Gaston Chartray and Roger Gelinas.
2017 Stuart James Watson
2017 Eric Samuel Reynolds



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