The Old Roman Catholic Church Parish of St. Andrews in Toronto and Newmarket Area
The Old Roman Catholic Church Parish of St. Andrews in Toronto and Newmarket Area


Ontario Old Roman Catholic Church

     The O.O.R.C.C. is a small but growing Catholic Church following the Old Catholic Tradition, having apostolic succession through the lines of the Diocese of Utrecht, Archbishop Mathew of England and Archbishop Gerald Dant Mino of Canada. We provide the seven sacraments of the Catholic faith, using the Tridentine Rite (English), and other rites as authorized by the Bishop.

     The see city of the Diocese of York  is Toronto, Ontario, where the Parish of St. Andrew is located. Founded in 1957 as St. Andrews Mission by Bishop Nelson Hillyer, it is one of the oldest active parishes of the Old Roman Catholic Church in Canada.


     In 1964, the Ontario Old Roman Catholic Church, was incorporated and the charter written in compliance with the Constitution and Canons of the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America, on file with the Primatial See of Wexford where the original documents are stored. The intention of the Church was to foster the catholic faith with equality, respect for all, and a deep-rooted passion for the catholic tradition.  Ever since its inception the O.O.R.C.C. has had a history of working with the community, in front-line ministry, with families, youth, street people, the elderly, and those living marginally in our society.


     Currently there are 2 parishes within the Diocese of York.  St Andrews located in Toronto and Newmarket/Mt. Albert.


     Our church has always been the type of church that, not only provided the seven sacraments of the catholic church, but also goes outside the church building to help those in need.  Always showing respect and dignity to all people. We have been able to do this with open minds and hearts, by not judging others.

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